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  • MOTHERSHIP – Tribute to Led Zeppelin

    The band, described as more ‘homage’ than tribute, have worked hard to reproduce the sounds and nuances of Zeppelin and have been praised in the region’s press for their authentic “CD-quality” sound. All the band members are multi-instrumentalists...

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  • VESBIM Tour kicks off!

    What a crazy start to 2015! It’s been non-stop and I’m loving it so much. We started our tour on 7th February 2015 @ The Middleton Arena, Manchester. It was an amazing experience to travel with the guys and set up everything outside of...

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  • The Ship Inn, Hoylake

    CHEESE NIGHT! Yes, I’m already there. Anyone who knows me well will know that I love cheese. Stilton, Wenslydale, Cheshire, Mature Cheddar, Brie, Lancashire… So when Owen and Jac asked me to come and perform the night they were hosting...

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